11#. A Lesson 4 me.

 Hey dude. Wassup? Hows ur day? Its fine? Hopefully ur in good health. hehe! Fucking bored, nothing else can do today -,-. 2-3 days to go, i will leavings this home, back to Kuantan for finish my final semester. Act, i am extender because i failed my subject in semester 2 -,-. hahaha serve it! Itulah, main-main lagi. This is all my fault, playing Dota until no focusing on my studies. I play till late night, then wake up lately so i missed the class especially in the morning. demn! Continue to semester 3, i still no alert to my studies, i still main2. After got result, baru lah rasa menyesal -,-. Well, 'nasi dah jadi bubur' , but can eat also that bubur. Its right? -,-

Fail punya fail, too many subject i was repeated (-,-) . Then berlarutanlah until the next2 semester, until my final semester, hopefully final lah. I don't want to become extender anymore, please. So, this semester i hope i can concentrate 100% then i want to be a Dekan, haha! harapan!. Boleh ke? HAHA! gilos. Tapi , siapa tahu kan, kot2 dapat ke? -,- okey stop dreaming Ayie. 

Back to my title, hmmm. Biasalah, bila dah extend, duit sendiri kan. But, this semester break too short and i cant find any job. Yeke find? -,- haha tak pun. Malas lah nak keje. Apelah nak jadi dengan aku ni kan, menghabiskan duit mak bapak saje, kerja malas nak mampus. Anak jenis apa lah aku ni. Act, i hate myself, sometimes. But what can i do, i still tak sedar2 diri. 

So whats happen lately is my dad. I just worried about my dad, and i felt macam anak tak berguna sekarang. You know why? My dad is a taxi's driver, dulu tak adalah balik sampai lewat malam. Now, lepas saja baik demam, terus balik tengah malam, biasa petang2 sudah balik. I know, my dad is finding  money for me, for my college's fee yang aku pun tak sure berapa. Aku betol2 rasa menyesal. Yelah, sepatutnya aku dah grad sekarang. But, i make another beban to my dad for keeps giving money. Sepatutnya, my dad is find money to my sister that will masuk KPTM Bangi -,-. Nice lah, me KPTM Kuantan , my sister KPTM Bangi. Still connect with KPTM, damn! -,-. KPTM ini manyak makan duit loh. Lucky im taking a course with UiTM, so murah la sikit than KPTM punya course.  fuhh. 

Hmm, i just hope i can finish my studies this semester. Yeah , memang nasi dah jadi bubur, but i wan make that bubur is the delicious one for my family. hehe! Wish me luck okey! Thats all until next entry. Sorry for my bad English. I am trying to become 'PRO' in this Bahasa Penjajah. haha! Adioss! Watakunchie! Thanks for reading this :) . Have a nice day!

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