12#. Everywhere also got pollution!

This is all pollution! Everywhere also got pollution! Why meh? You know what, everyday still panas2, tak dan nak sejuk! At night also, if no rain, still getting hot because of heat from midday -,-. Here what can i see is open burning occured. For your information, my place here Semenyih-Beranang are  building a housing. Sana sini buat rumah, but the environment was ignored. Tak ada siapa yang peduli pasal alam sekitar. Why this MPKj not take action to this bad activities. Dah la bakar pokok2, sian pokok tu kena bakar. haih -_-! This is all answered why our Ozone Layer are getting thin and thin and thin. Please lah, take some action pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee T.T

Ha, one more! Tawla sekarang musim renovate rumah, huuuu! Not my house, but my neighbors -,-. I cant stand with the noisy sound from alat gerigil eh?! arghh! hahah wtf is it, its make a noisy sound. Rasa mahu sumbat my ears with some kapas lah, but today I done with balut kepala dengan tuala. Tak senang duduk dibuatnya. damn! Tak ada ke alat or machine that not produce a noisy sound when in works? Please, Electrical & Mechanical Engineer, make some machine like that. Hopefully! fuhhh! Kalau dah ada, contractors please buy it (0.o)!. 

Thats all i want to mengarut. hahaha! Noob me-,- sorry for bahasa rojak. ;)


  1. rojak rojak pun still paham , weyh , bagi idea kat aku nak uat url baru . haha

  2. tak ada ar fb. tak men la social2 ni. :)


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